Our vision

More and more people are becoming urban farmers and trying the best they can to live a self sustainable healthy life. rather it is raising chickens in the backyard having a probiotic living food closet or growing mushrooms in the garage. Farm to fork in matter of minutes insures a much healthier diet and if we are able to help to provide a product that pushes in a self sustainable environment then it is worth the effort.

Our Story

Qi and her husband Bret started the Dog Island Mushroom farm in 2016. Being aware of the healthy shiitake and oyster mushroom diet trend coupled with the delicious meaty texture of them, Qi and Bret foresaw a great opportunity for the mushroom consumption market. They cultivate their mushrooms on Guemes Island’s west side bluff with well water from a deep Mt. Baker aquifer and have been successfully serving top restaurants from Chuckanut Drive through La Conner,  Anacortes to Coupeville  and more recently Seattle’s farmers markets and restaurants. The mushrooms absorb Bellingham Channel’s fresh seawater air together with the mineral filled well water is said by coinsurers to be as good as wild mushrooms. The thickness and the meatiness define their shiitake and blue oyster mushrooms for their special texture and rich flavor is what impress the clients.

Besides all the scientific details of mushroom growing they have learned most is the fact that when spores are inoculated in the wood chips, the mycelium starts to grow and build the connections with one another, and the connections between mycelium gradually holds the wood chips together to be one entire log. Qi is always amazed by this finding, just like a good community when people grow good connections with one another by caring and supporting, the whole community become one big family to hold everyone together.

Qi enjoys the interaction with customers and vendors. She shares her knowledge of mushroom nutrients and cooking recipes with customers. By sharing her experience of mushroom log growing, she makes it a fun game to try for everyone.   

Qi always says that her husband is a hearty mushroom grower and she is a mushroom ambassador to spread the mushroom healthy diet to people around with joy. 

"Meat" the Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the trendy new meat these days due to its high nutritious value of minerals and vitamins as well as its antitoxins to aide in the immune system



Meaty with a nutty earthy flavor


A super soup mushroom that stand up to long cooking times

Blue Oyster

blue oyster

Named from for its shape and is delicate, mild and sweet

cook briefly to preserver the savory flavor. Add to omelets, quick soups and stir fries

King Oyster


King Oyster (AKA Trumpet) mushroom's stem boast a meaty flavor and firm, resilient texture.

a great option to use instead of scallops or abalone due to its similar umami flavor and texture

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