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What is a mushroom log?

it is a substrate that can be composed of wood chips, grains and/or straw that is held together by the mycelium  that grows from the mushroom spores that were inoculated.

Are the logs easy to grow?

Yes, it doesn't take much of a green thumb to grow them, they mostly grow by themselves inside houses or garages. Please note that if grow outside in freezing temperatures as well as extreme hot and dry temperatures will not grow in freezing weather.

When do you know when to harvest them?

You will have a good feeling when it is time to harvest, after all it farming. The easiest way is to put a brown paper bag under the mushroom and when you see the powder white spores on it then it is time.

how long and how much will they yield?

Since it is farming there are a few variables that dictate the time it takes mostly temperature and humidity but usually it will take about 8-15 days per harvest.

What to do after a harvest?

Clean off all the small dried mushrooms that were suffocated from the bloom's harvest and let the log set for a couple of weeks misting it to avoid the log from drying out. The new colonies/buttons will soon be growing again. After 3 or 4 harvests the is about done and makes for excellent compost.

How to store the logs and mushrooms?

Keep the logs refrigerated until ready to grow. Temperature as well as water for the shiitake log activates the spores.

Refrigerate the mushrooms in a lightly folded paper bag.

Can you dry the mushrooms?

Absolutely! in fact, you can sun dry them outside with the underside facing up to increase the mushroom's vitamin D Also, a reconstituted dried mushroom has a much more intense flavor when cooking.

Do you ship the logs?

Yes, but any shipping times over three days we prefer USPS flat rate. This is to prevent the log from blooming during transit.

Can I buy the logs in bulk?

Of course! just contact us and we will make it happen.